Frequent question: Who is better at gambling Kirari or Yumeko?

Who is the best at gambling in Kakegurui?

1. Kirari Momobami. It’s hard to argue against Student Council President Kirari’s prowess. In fact, you wouldn’t be remiss to say that she’s the reason that Hyakkaou runs the way that it does, as she made gambling compulsory when she beat the previous President.

Why is Yumeko a house pet?

Due to her debt of 310 million yen, Yumeko Jabami became a pet, causing her fellow classmates treat her as trash, and, because of her immense debt, received a Life plan.

What race is Yumeko?


Gender Female
Word/name Japanese
Region of origin Japanese

How much was Yumeko in debt?

She went on to say that Yumeko’s chips actually had a value of ¥5 million, whilst Mary’s were ¥31 million, even though it should’ve been the other way around, as the amount of each chip is the player’s debt divided by 10, and Mary had a ¥50 million yen debt, whilst Yumeko had a ¥310 million debt.

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