Your question: Why is Richard Branson Son in Casino Royale?

Why was there no Q in Casino Royale?

Scheduling conflicts prevented Burton from reprising the role in From Russia with Love, although he made two later uncredited appearances in Bond films, first as an RAF officer in Thunderball (1965) and later as a secret agent in the satirical Casino Royale (1967).

How old is q James Bond?

Famous worldwide as gadget man Q, the 85-year-old actor from Bexhill, East Sussex, had been at a book signing at nearby Drusillas Park before the fatal smash, which involved his blue Renault Megane and another car on the A27, near Firle, East Sussex.

Why did Vesper betray Bond?

Why does Vesper betray Bond in Casino Royale? Vesper killed herself because she knew she was wrong. She had betrayed her country and Bond by channeling the terrorist’s money for them and by killing herself she ended that investigation into her crimes there.

What does Bond say in German in Casino Royale?

As a European, I can confirm he says ‘Guten Abend‘, it’s not that bad pronounced, it’s just German spoken by a Brit.

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