Your question: How many combinations are there with 4 dice?

How many outcomes are possible with 4 dice?

My initial reaction is to say that the answer is 64, since 4 dice can have 6 outcomes.

How many ways can you roll a four?

If we want to calculate the probability of rolling, say, a five, we need to divide the number of ways to get 5 by the total possible combinations of two dice.

What are the most likely outcomes from rolling a pair of dice?

Outcome Probability
4 3/36 = 8.33%
5 4/36 = 11.11%
6 5/36 = 13.89%
7 6/36 = 16.67%

How many combinations can 2 dice make?

When two dice are rolled, there are now 36 different and unique ways the dice can come up. This figure is arrived at by multiplying the number of ways the first die can come up (six) by the number of ways the second die can come up (six).

How many possibilities are there when you roll 4 six sided dice?

In fact, there are 36 possible combinations.

How many combinations of 5 dice are there?

5 dice. Now things are getting a little busy! There are 7776 possible combinations for five dice.

When two dice are thrown the total outcomes are?

We know that the total number of possible outcomes when two dice are thrown is =6×6=36.

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