You asked: What is slice dice and pivot operations used in data warehousing?

What is slicing and dicing?

To slice and dice is to break a body of information down into smaller parts or to examine it from different viewpoints so that you can understand it better. The term has its roots in cooking and describes two types of knife skills every chef needs to master.

What is slice operation example?

The slice operation performs a selection on one dimension of the given cube, resulting in a subcube. Reduces the dimensionality of the cubes. For example, if we want to make a select where Medal = 5. Slice Operation. The dice operation defines a sub-cube by performing a selection on two or more dimensions.

What are OLAP tools?

OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) tools are used to analyze large volumes of data from different perspectives. They provide easy to use functions for filtering, drilling and visualizing key insights and KPIs. The vendors that sell OLAP tools promise very good response times.

What is OLAP and OLTP?

OLTP and OLAP: The two terms look similar but refer to different kinds of systems. Online transaction processing (OLTP) captures, stores, and processes data from transactions in real time. Online analytical processing (OLAP) uses complex queries to analyze aggregated historical data from OLTP systems.

What is the purpose of slicing?

Program slicing can be used in debugging to locate source of errors more easily. Other applications of slicing include software maintenance, optimization, program analysis, and information flow control. Slicing techniques have been seeing a rapid development since the original definition by Mark Weiser.

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What is the difference between cutting and slicing?

The two are quite commonly used interchangeably, but ‘to slice‘ is usually used to refer to cutting something into slices, not just making a single (or random) cut in something. That’s why you talk about slicing bread rather than just cutting it.

What is pivot in OLAP?

What Does Pivot Mean? Broadly, this term refers to a new view of data available within a Slice of a multidimensional OLAP Cube. As an example: a financial analyst might want to view or “pivot” data in various ways, such as displaying all the cities down the page and all the products across a page.