Why is Black Jack Randall obsessed with Jamie?

Why did Jack Randall want Jamie?

“In some way Jamie represents everything that Jack isn’t, and you both love and want to destroy the thing that you can’t be. He’s drawn to this person. “Jack is someone who is interested in pain and people’s pain thresholds. He’s sort of clinical in his atomization of Jamie.

Why does Jack Randall call Jamie Alex?

He was a twisted man and I’m not sure we’ll ever know for sure. Like Diane said, it was a common name, and the boy that Jamie carried his bible was also named Alexander, so it’s possible that it was him that BJR was referencing.

What is wrong with Black Jack Randall?

It turns out that he’s a sociopath. This is evident in the love he has for his brother, but also the way he acts towards other people. There is an element of sadism in him, but it all comes down to that sociopathic nature. Gabaldon also says it’s nature, and that most sociopaths are not made.

Was Jamie Fraser really a virgin?

It helps to remember the whole timeline, which is easier when you read the books. When Jamie met /married Claire, he was a 23 year old virgin, and they were together three years before she went back through the stones pregnant with Brianna in 1746.

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Is James Fraser based on a real person?

Jamie Fraser’s character was actually loosely based off a real-life Jacobite soldier who survived the Battle Of Culloden.

Is Outlander historically accurate?

The Starz hit Outlander has become known for many things during its five seasons on the air. While intense battle scenes, stirring drama, startling deaths, and wondrous sexytimes are among those positive attributes, it can’t be said that the show is totally historically accurate at all times.

Does Claire travel back to Frank?

Claire & Frank (Season 2, Episode 1)

After two years spent gallivanting in the 18th century, Claire returns to the 1940s in order to escape possible death on the Culloden battlefield. … Once back in Inverness, she reunites with her husband Frank (Menzies) who is concerned when he’s met with a skittish Claire.