What size are casino chips?

What size chips do casinos use?

The standard size for casino chips is 39mm in diameter. As all of our high-end chip lines are authentic casino chips (made by the same manufacturers as the casinos), this is the size of our Protege Clay line, Archetype line, and Paulson Noir Clay line.

What size and weight are casino poker chips?

How Much Do Real Casino Poker Chips Weigh?

Casino Weight Material
Flamingo 9.9 gram Clay (Paulson)
Harrah’s 10.0 grams Clay
Circus Circus 10.5 gram Ceramic
Bally’s 10.6 grams Ceramic

What does a casino chip weigh?

The reality is that every chip in a Las Vegas casino today is between 8.5 and 10 grams. Authentic clay casino chips are between 9 and 10 grams, with slight variations from color to color due to the different color densities. Authentic ceramic casino chips are pretty much right on 10 grams.

How thick is a casino chip?

These are the same as the standard 39mm custom poker chips, but larger in diameter. The thickness of our 43mm chips is 3.3mm, which is the same thickness as our standard 39mm custom chips. Fully custom ceramic poker chips.

Custom 43mm (1.7 inch) Chips.

Quantity Price per chip
100-499 $1.09
500-999 0.94
1000-2999 0.88
3000+ 0.79
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What color is a $5000 chip?

The next level up, the $5,000 chip, is known as a “flag,” because it’s white with blue and red accents. If you’ve got a flag on you, be careful not to confuse it with a white $1 chip and leave it as a tip for your cocktail waitress.

Do casinos use clay or ceramic chips?

Most of the chips you’ll play with in the casino are made of clay, but they’re not 100% clay. They’re actually made from multiple materials (including clay and chalk) that make the chips harder to break. Different casino chip makers use different processes to manufacture these chips.

What brand of chips do casinos use?

Clay Poker Chips

Clay chips, used mostly in casinos, are the most expensive type of chips available and generally are regarded as the best quality chips. These chips are made using a compression molding process where unique designs can be molded right into the chip.

What’s the heaviest poker chip?

All of the Coin Inlay poker chip sets can be customized by you. You select how many of each chip you want in your set! This 15 gram* chip is the heaviest poker chip we offer.