What genre is im God clams casino?

I’m God

What genre is clams casino?

Did clams casino make im God for Lil B?

He followed it up with his Instrumentals 4 mixtape, released in 2017. In April 2020, Clams Casino cleared the Imogen Heap sample for his instrumental “I’m God”, which first appeared on Lil B’s 2009 album 6 Kiss. The song remains his most popular, with nearly 25 million views on YouTube.

Who sampled clams casino God?

As Eddy Lawrence writes: “It was more like being haunted by a rap song than listening to one.” Twisted, reverberated and decayed vocal samples were an essential part of cloud rap’s DNA — and buoying ‘I’m God’ was an unauthorised sample of Imogen Heap’s ‘Just For Now’.

Are clams producers or consumers?

Scientists classify clams as consumers.

What song does God sample?

Lil B’s ‘I’m God’ sample of Imogen Heap’s ‘Just for Now’ | WhoSampled.

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