How do you beat the casino in Dragon Quest XI?

How do you win at dq11 casino?

One key aspect you want to do know is speaking to some of the workers in the casino can let you know which machine is hot. When you have a good starting amount, you should use your tokens on the high bidding slime slot machines. These slot machine can trigger metal mode allowing you to win a massive amount of tokens.

Can you cheat Dragon Quest 11?

Cutting straight to the chase, there are no cheats in Dragon Quest XI. At present, you’ll have to earn all your items and beat each enemy as intended by the game developers at Square Enix. Thankfully, the game is fairly welcoming and accessible to series newcomers.

How many endings does Dragon Quest 11 have?

We wanted players to feel conflicted. However, thinking that some people might find it hard to accept, we implemented two endings.” There you have it – the developer was worried that you wouldn’t be able to accept a darker ending.

How do you make money in Dragon Quest 11?

To really start earning easy cash, you’ll want to reach the casino. There are two casinos — one in Puerto Valor relatively early in the game, and another casino in Octagonia. Both can earn you tons of tokens, but the Octagonia casino is the best way (that I know of!) to get tons of cash.

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Will there be a Dragon Quest 12?

Dragon Quest XII Could Shape The Next “10 To 20 Years” Of The Series. Earlier this year on the Dragon Quest 35th anniversary, Square Enix revealed Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate. The series creator has already mentioned how it’s intended to be a much “darker” and adult-themed take on the long-running JRPG series.