Frequent question: What’s better Goodfellas or Casino?

Is Casino better than Goodfellas Reddit?

Goodfellas is probably the better cinema, but Casino is more fun to rewatch. Casino has the more interesting story, more interesting setting and more spectacle.

Are Casino and Goodfellas connected?

Goodfellas and Casino are no doubt companion pieces to one another. I have often seen people make a trilogy out of those two films and one other Scorsese film that is very subjective.

Which movie came first Goodfellas or Casino?

There’s a way of reading Martin Scorsese’s first-person mob epics—“Goodfellas” (1990), “Casino” (1995), and “The Irishman” (2019)—as three stages of criminal life.

Is Casino a good movie?

Casino is a very good film. If you’re at all interested in gangster/mafia films, or if you’re at all a fan of director/co-writer Martin Scorsese, novelist/co-writer Nicholas Pileggi, or actors Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Sharon Stone or James Woods, then Casino is without a doubt a must-see.

Is Goodfellas better than the Godfather?

While Goodfellas has a real place in history, being based on a true story, The Godfather has a better hold on its historical context. It’s about fictional characters, but it’s rooted in very real history.

Is Goodfellas worth watching Reddit?

Yes it is. In my opinion Goodfellas is a masterpiece. It’s a long movie but it didn’t feel long while watching it. I’ve seen that movie so many times.

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Is the Irishman a sequel to Goodfellas?

If you’ve been imagining Martin Scorsese’s upcoming Robert De Niro film The Irishman as a quasi-sequel to Goodfellas then his longtime collaborator has some news for you: it really, really isn’t. … “The Irishman is not Goodfellas,” Schoonmaker told Yahoo Movies.

What happens to Ginger in Casino?

Ginger dies of a drug overdose, and Sam barely escapes death by a car bomb, suspecting Nicky to be the culprit.

How many casinos are there in India?

There are 10 cities with gambling facilities in India which have 20 legal gambling facilities available in total. The types of gambling available in India are: casinos. The largest gambling city in India is Panaji with 6 gambling facilities, 94 tables games, 70 gaming, slot, and video poker machines.

How many times do they cuss in Casino?

The R rating is normally required if the film contains two utterances or if the word is used in a sexual context; however, there are exceptions to this rule.

List of films by number of uses of “fuck”

Film Casino
Year 1995
Count 422
Running time (min) 178
Rate 2.40